Slouching Towards Blubberhouses

Slouching Towards Blubberhouses

Tony Hannan

Yorkshire … God’s Own County … The Broad Acres … England’s Texas. A home to many of Britain’s most captivating landscapes and coastlines, not to mention food, literature, history, music, tea, film, sport and beer, when Britain’s largest county and its residents get you in their grip, you are unlikely to escape anytime soon.

Hosts of the Tour de France’s Grand Depart and voted the leading tourist destination in Europe – beating off the likes of Paris, Rome, London (ha!) and Vienna – the eyes of the world are on the White Rose county like never before.

Slouching Towards Blubberhouses is a timely and comical look at a place that is by turns captivating, uncompromising, boastful, blunt and maddeningly self-aware. It will appeal to the chosen ones, who see no point in living anywhere else, and readers who look on in envy – or irritation – from outside.
It gets beneath the eeh bah gum clichés of whippets, clogs, flat caps and moth-eaten wallets to explore what really makes Tykes tick. And it wonders whether coming from Yorkshire still means owt at all in a changing and increasingly diverse 21st century.

So what are you waiting for? Enough with the chelpin’ and get on your bike. We’re off on a right grand Tour de Yorkshireness.


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