Nothing To Fear

Nothing To Fear

Matthew d’Ancona

For Ginny, the new house represents a new start: a room of her own where she can research her book on the psychology of fairytales and recover from a bitter divorce. The last thing she’s looking for is romance.

But her young neighbour breaks down her defences. Sean cooks her delicious meals and rescues her from a drunken attack by her ex-husband. His only eccentricity is the locked room in his house that he forbids her to enter. It can’t contain anything sinister, can it?
Ginny can’t resist finding out. But when she opens the door, she is propelled into a horror story, rather than a fairytale.

‘D’Ancona’s novel will appeal to lovers of suspense. Spine-tingling.’ (Tatler )

‘Nothing to Fear’s deceptively simple premise . . . soon transforms itself into a far from predictable thriller with an intelligent plot and a well-drawn cast of believable characters . . . A near-perfect psychological horror story.’ (Crime Time )


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