Hattie Brown versus the Cloud Snatchers

Hattie Brown versus the Cloud Snatchers

Claire Harcup

The day Hattie Brown got pulled through the fridge was the same day everything started to disappear from the house — but missing socks were about to be the least of her troubles.

Hattie Brown lives a quiet life with her mother. That is, until the day she’s pulled into the magical realm of Somewhere-Nowhere.

This new world – full of tiny dragons, talking elephants, and enormous worms – has lost its clouds, so when Hattie realises she has the power to make it rain, there’s hope she could be what this strange place has been waiting for.

But not everyone is pleased with Hattie’s arrival. Ruled over by the cruel Lord Mortimer, Somewhere-Nowhere is in trouble. And when Hattie discovers that he’s hiding an army of kidnapped children, she doesn’t care who wants her there and who doesn’t: nothing is going to stop her rescuing them… not even the arrival of a boy they call Nimbus.

Hattie Brown versus the Cloud Snatchers is the first title in Claire Harcup’s middle-grade Hattie Brown series.

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