Eat Your Way To A Six Pack

Eat Your Way To A Six Pack

Scott Harrison

Let Scott Harrison, founder of The Six Pack Revolution, guide you on your journey to a healthier body and mind – no calorie counters or weighing scales in sight, just visible results in 75 days.

Scott’s life-changing program The Six Pack Revolution has helped a community of tens of thousands of people across 57 countries gain confidence and achieve the best shape of their lives.

Make It Happen takes this program and puts it in a book, with tailored recipes and meal planning, fitness challenges that are fun and empowering, and transformative mindset coaching.

  • 75 vegan-friendly recipes that are simple to follow, packed with flavor, and fine-tuned for optimum nutrition
  • meal planning 101 to help plot your daily routine of 6 carefully timed and nutrient-rich meals and snacks
  • a series of daily workouts and weekly active challenges that anyone can do at home and adaptable to everyone’s level of fitness, building into a full fitness program that can increase in challenge
  • inspiring tips and tricks to tackle your fears, embrace change, and achieve a positive mindset – train the mind and the body will follow
  • all backed by easy-to-understand body science and nutritional know-how

Forget the fads and bogus health hacks of the diet industry, only you can Make It Happen, and Scott will show you how.