Dear Neighbour

Dear Neighbour

Jane Claire Bradley

‘A love letter to the power of community’ Eleanor Ray, author of Everything is Beautiful

Alice is working hard to provide for her daughter, Mollie. But it’s a challenge juggling her job alongside her duties as a single Mum. Her neighbours keep to themselves and she longs for a friend to rely on.

Bill has lived on Leodis Street for eighty years. It’s where he eventually cared for his wife in her final days. Since Sally’s death, Bill’s home is a place of solitude, his talisman against an unrecognisable world.

When the residents of Leodis Street are threatened with eviction, Alice decides to make a stand. As she reaches out to her neighbours and learns about their lives, she is surprised to discover that she might already live next door to the friends she has been yearning for. Perhaps together they can build a community to be proud of and discover the true meaning of home . . .

An uplifting novel about friendship and belonging that fans of Sara Nisha Adams, Libby Page and Clare Pooley will fall in love with.

What readers say about Dear Neighbour

‘A heartwarming and beautifully written book that made me cry in public’

‘An excellent book club book’

‘Funny at times, heartbreaking at others’

‘The characters will stay with you long after you finish it’ 

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