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Marilia Savvides

Literary Agent

Marilia Savvides is an Agent in the Books Division. She joined Peters, Fraser + Dunlop in 2012 and is a graduate of UCL and the Columbia Publishing Course in New York. She spent several years working in the PFD Foreign Rights department, selling books in translation to publishers around the world.

Marilia is also a returning member of the faculty at the Columbia Publishing Course at Oxford University, Exeter College and is a judge on the PFD sponsored ‘Creative Writing Prize for Fiction’ in association with the University of Manchester. She was a Bookseller Rising Star in 2018.


What i'm looking for...

I am most drawn to dark tales that weave together excellent characters and an impossible-to-put-down story.

I am very hands-on editorially, and love working with my authors to shape their manuscripts. I love discovering debut authors and helping them find a home for their books.

I’m on the hunt for high-concept thrillers, crime, psychological suspense, horror and speculative, genre-bending fiction. No Fantasy please!
I’m also on the lookout for reading group fiction in the vein of Jodi Picoult or Liane Moriarty.

On my wish list, at the moment, is finding a great legal / courtroom thriller and a grounded horror novel in the vein of Hex or Sarah Lotz.

On the non-fiction side I am especially interested in pop science / psychology, narrative history, true crime and investigative journalism. I am also on the lookout for more stories by women, especially in memoir form.


Marilia Savvides @MariliaSavvides

In just over a week we publish 1 of the most exciting debuts of 2019: 55 by @JDelargyAuthor, who masterfully paints the picture of a remote Western Australian town and its people, swallowed whole by the hunt for a serial killer. Coming next Thursday 4th April... #whoisfiftyfive

They can... they can send humans to space and do things like slingshots around the moon, but they can’t... make a woman’s size suit?

Barr looks like what would happen if Bannon were on Queer Eye

A moment of tension in the Vatican. If the bishop moves forward the queen can take him.

The people who manufacture bathtub trays seem to have no idea what women actually do in the bath and I find that strangely comforting

Thread about airplane creeps: I’m on a plane from a late-evening stopover from and was very tired and had a row to myself to sleep but couldn’t avoid noticing what was going on in the row behind me.

100% of babies are unemployed. pathetic

Just going to pin this, because I feel like I need the reminder and other people might too ❤️

At first glance, I read this as “toddlers” instead of “foodies” and I got so excited. That’s the content we deserve

I kept knocking my pencil case out of the window *accidentally* to get out of Maths. Repeatedly. It took like 5 times before my teacher realised it wasn’t an accident

The great @sarahkendzior has been clear for years. She’s right...again.

THRILLED that my neighbours are singing ‘The Final Countdown’ on karaoke VERY loudly. Cosy night in. #blessed

8yo student wrote a perfect romance story today and right when the boy and girl were going to get together, she wrote, “but then the girl changed her mind and became a vampire who lived alone with fourteen dogs.”

Fondly remembering my first ever one-star review...

Happy publication day to @byTashB – #HisPerfectWife hits shelves today! Read more about this dark missing-persons thriller:

Homophobic parents are right to be worried about their children turning gay after lessons about LGBT awareness. I lived as a Tudor wench for 2 years following a history class.

Happy paperback publication day to the incredible @byTashB
#HisPerfectWife is out today. Go read it. It will blow your mind

Excited doesn’t even begin to cover it! I can’t wait to read this! Huge thanks @simonschusterUK @annecater for 55 by James Delargy! Look out for the #RandomThingsTours coming soon!