Lucy Irvine Taking Submissions

Lucy Irvine

Associate Agent (Children's and SFF)

Lucy Irvine is an Associate Agent, working with Silvia Molteni on PFD’s children’s list. After graduating from University College London with an MA in Issues in Modern Culture in 2017, she interned at Agora Books, PFD’s publishing arm, before becoming assistant to CEO Caroline Michel. She began building her own list in the summer of 2019. Alongside building her own list of clients, Lucy sells foreign rights in our children’s and YA titles in Eastern Europe and Russia, and handles audio narration rights for the agency.

What I'm looking for...

I am actively building my list, and am looking particularly for commercial Middle Grade and YA – both fiction and non-fiction – along with picture books, illustrated fiction for younger readers, and graphic novels.

I am drawn to narratives driven by world building; quick-paced, addictive, and adventurous, with returnable series potential. I love stories set in worlds that pull you in and stay with you long after you’ve finished reading. I’m particularly keen on fantasy, sci-fi, and speculative fiction, and in these genres will read submissions aimed at all ages. Genre aside, my taste is incredibly varied, so if you have a fresh voice and a strong narrative then I would love to read it!

Lucy Irvine @lucyirvine93

Thanks to @TheGEAcademy for having me at your virtual Summar Social today, it was lovely to see everyone's faces over Zoom and answer your questions!

This morning I'm sitting down with my @writerswkend One-to-One submissions and the quality is fantastic. Looking forward to discussing next weekend!

HI EVERYONE go read my incredibly talented flatmate's piece, which was longlisted for the Spread the Word Life Writing Prize last month ✨

A very #happypublicationday to @susienottbower. 'Charming and endlessly intriguing [...] written with grace and flair' #schoolfornobodies is an unmissable debut about the beauty of not fitting in, full of magic, intrigue and humour 🍃🏚️🎪 @PushkinPress @sarahodedina @PoppyBookPR

Delighted to be representing the amazing @todayiseena and her twisty MG murder mystery - a strangled gym teacher, a mismatch team of reluctant friends, and a protagonist with his own reasons for wanting the murder solved 😱✨ I am SO excited to send this book out into the world!

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Throwing the doors wide open with no-strings-attached access to kids’ editors and agents, free resources for ALL after the workshops, and priority access for Black writers ✌🏾

I don’t know who needs to see it but here are some pictures of Chris Pine walking out of an indie bookstore with a GIANT bag of books while also wearing a mask.

publishing is so opaque for first-time authors – we’re throwing the doors wide open with no-strings attached access to kids editors and agents, free resources for ALL after the workshops, and priority access for Black writers ✌🏾link to apply below ⬇️ @rcwlitagency @_KnightsOf

This is such an amazing initiative, and a fantastic opportunity!! Please RT for reach!

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@lucyirvine93 of @PFDAgents is particularly looking for commercial MG & YA – both fiction & NF – along with #picturebooks, illustrated fiction for younger readers, & graphic novels. She is also keen to receive sci-fi & fantasy for all ages. #virtualwritersweekend #amediting

So I've lost my publishing job (redundancy). If anyone knows of any publishing jobs in the northwest please please please let me know. (Retweets also appreciated)

Names for people who read a lot:

6. Bookworm (English)
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1. Reading horse (Danish)

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BLM UK petitions for Parliament that still need signing thread 👇🏾