Lucy Irvine Taking Submissions

Lucy Irvine

Associate Agent (Children's and SFF)

Lucy Irvine is an Associate Agent, working with Silvia Molteni on PFD’s children’s list. After graduating from University College London with an MA in Issues in Modern Culture in 2017, she interned at Agora Books, PFD’s publishing arm, before becoming assistant to CEO Caroline Michel. She began building her own list in the summer of 2019. Alongside building her own list of clients, Lucy sells foreign rights in our children’s and YA titles in Eastern Europe and Russia, and handles audio narration rights for the agency.

What I'm looking for...

I am actively building my list, and am looking particularly for commercial Middle Grade and YA – both fiction and non-fiction – along with picture books, illustrated fiction for younger readers, and graphic novels.

I am drawn to narratives driven by world building; quick-paced, addictive, and adventurous, with returnable series potential. I love stories set in worlds that pull you in and stay with you long after you’ve finished reading. I’m particularly keen on fantasy, sci-fi, and speculative fiction, and in these genres will read submissions aimed at all ages. Genre aside, my taste is incredibly varied, so if you have a fresh voice and a strong narrative then I would love to read it!

Lucy Irvine @lucyirvine93

Oh wow turns out we're still really emotional about lost!!!

four movies you're pretty sure you like more than anyone else.

(am quite confident in all of these choices)

My 'Lucy listens to @BlackSailsCast' update is that I have finished the s3 finale and am now SO EXCITED to hear Daphne and Liz's reactions to s4 in REAL TIME rather than with the foreknowledge of the first 3 seasons. I'm expecting tears.

fyi pals the city of london is currently having an open consultation on "statues, building and street names and other landmarks with links to slavery, and historic racism" within the square mile (& COL-managed sites outside of it):

And THEN the pirates steal the declaration of independence

Number 10 are going to go nuts at this new Welsh government message encouraging people to work from home forever if they want

Pitching #BlackSails to @LizzieAlice98
Me: AND it's a prequel to Treasure Island
Liz: the Disney film?
Me: ... no, the book, you're thinking of Treasure Planet
Liz: ... oh no, I was thinking of National Treasure

Fell immediately in love with Liz's writing and imagination, and I can't wait to send her work out into the world!

It's wild to me that sci-fi has absolutely taken over mainstream entertainment in the last decade plus with the rise of superhero films + stars wars and other franchises.

Yet somehow we can't get this sci-fi love to transfer to sci-fi YA books?

Thrilled to announce that I shortlisted for the @wellslitfest Book for Children Prize! And I spy some familiar names up there in the ranks with me! Such a pleasure to be on such a prestigious list.

@lucyirvine93 this is what I was doing this morning when you emailed! 😉

My take on the name meme is that lucy works well if we are strangers or acquaintances, and literally anything else works well if we are friends: luce/luc/lu/loop/looper/lucifer and any varient on lucy-locks/lucy-lou/lucy-goose... We love nicknames in this house!!

Third day back in the office and one of my colleagues has already started watching #BlackSails 🏴‍☠️

here’s the problem with fruit: it’s inconsistent. some apples are delicious, some taste bad. sometimes blueberries are great, sometimes they are disgusting. you know what’s the same every time? doritos

I'm going to the office tomorrow for the first time since March and obviously have many Big Worries about this but am currently overwhelmed with the little worries: what should I make for lunch? What should I wear?? How do I match clothes???

Can hear @NickyJWatkinson listening to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack through the walls, is there a more soothing sound?

Can someone pls pay me to write an essay comparing Silver's arc in Black Sails to Jaime Lannister's (and what it could have been 😭😭) because I have MANY THOUGHTS

We're looking for a new intern at work! Which is a Genuinely Amazing Learning Experience, and is also very personally exciting because the intern sits next to ME and you'll be the first new person I've met in six months so you can expect a VERY enthusiastic welcome

We are hiring a new intern, please spread the word! ✨