Lucy Irvine Taking Submissions

Lucy Irvine

Literary Agent (Childrens, YA, and SFF)

Lucy Irvine is an Agent, working primarily on PFD’s children’s list. After graduating from University College London with an MA in Issues in Modern Culture in 2017, she interned at Agora Books, PFD’s publishing arm, before becoming assistant to CEO Caroline Michel. She began building her own list in 2019 and was promoted to Agent in June 2021.

Alongside building her own list of clients, Lucy sells foreign rights in children’s and YA titles in Eastern Europe, Poland, Russia, Portugal, Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Arabic Market.

What I'm looking for...

My taste is generally very broad; I represent anything that falls under the children’s umbrella, from picture book to YA, as well as science-fiction and fantasy in the adult market.

I’m currently closed to submissions for picture books. However, I’m actively looking for books in the 7-9 chapter book space.

My taste in middle-grade books veers towards the commercial; I’m drawn to quick-paced, adventurous narratives with series potential. I love stories set in worlds that pull you in and stay with you long after you’ve finished reading, and am particularly keen to see original world-building and hooky, plot driven narratives. I would love to find something in the vein of Maria Kuznair’s THE SHIP OF SHADOWS or B.B. Alston’s AMARI AND THE NIGHT BROTHERS. I’m also very drawn to re-imagined folktales, myths, and legends, especially from voices traditionally under represented within publishing. Some middle-grade books I grew up on and adored include THE ROMAN MYSTERIES, the CHRONICLES OF ANCIENT DARKNESS, and the PERCY JACKSON series.

On the YA side, I love all kinds of genre fiction, from fantasy to historical to romance to murder mystery. I’m drawn to romances with a twist, and am particularly looking here for queer love stories. Fantasy wise I’m keen to see original world-building, and love anything that genre bends or offers a fresh take on traditional themes. I love my fantasies with a side of romance, or with characters that I can clearly see a fandom forming around. A few YA books I’ve recently loved include HANI AND ISHU’S GUIDE TO FAKE DATING, COMPASS AND BLADE, and THE OTHER ONES. I am a perpetual fan of enemies/rivals to lovers, fake-dating, found-family, unexpected friendships, and platonic love stories.

Adult wise, I accept submissions in anything that falls under the SFF umbrella, from urban to epic fantasy, from space opera to steampunk, but am not the right person for anything too grimdark, or anything with graphic sexual violence. I would love to find something with the ambition and wit of GIDEON THE NINTH, or the scope and narrative-weaving of THE PRIORY OF THE ORANGE TREE. I also recently read and loved LEGENDS AND LATTES and would love something in the cozy fantasy space.

I am always looking for diverse writers and protagonists across race, sexuality, gender, class, and disability.

Across the board, I’d love to find stories with casts of characters that make me feel as much as the Stranger Things characters make me feel (which is, to say, a lot).