Lucy Irvine Taking Submissions

Lucy Irvine

Associate Agent

Lucy Irvine is an Associate Agent, working with Silvia Molteni on PFD’s children’s list. After graduating from University College London with an MA in Issues in Modern Culture in 2017, she interned at Agora Books, PFD’s publishing arm, before becoming assistant to CEO Caroline Michel. She began building her own list in the summer of 2019. Alongside building her own list of clients, Lucy sells foreign rights in our children’s and YA titles in Eastern Europe and Russia, and handles audio narration rights for the agency.

What I'm looking for...

I am actively building my list, and am looking particularly for commercial Middle Grade and YA – both fiction and non-fiction – along with picture books, illustrated fiction for younger readers, and graphic novels.

I am drawn to narratives driven by world building; quick-paced, addictive, and adventurous, with returnable series potential. I love stories set in worlds that pull you in and stay with you long after you’ve finished reading. I’m particularly keen on fantasy, sci-fi, and speculative fiction, and in these genres will read submissions aimed at all ages. Genre aside, my taste is incredibly varied, so if you have a fresh voice and a strong narrative then I would love to read it!

Lucy Irvine @lucyirvine93

Went for a long walk yesterday which turned into a photoshoot

I am watching the muppets for the first time!!

i think that's the reason why, even though it literally takes up all of @krishithink and i's spare time and we don't get paid for it, @RuckusRetreat is so enjoyable to organise - it has a very real and concrete end goal that we can determine the success of


happy knives out anniversary. one of the best film ending in 2019

I know everyone is talking about Happiest Season, but I’m actually watching Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square so can we all switch over to this pls!!

we watched happiest season and i thought it was mostly an enjoyable shallow romcom but that the message was terrible, i wanted harper to do literally anything good for abby, but most of all was v disturbed by jane & yet more disturbed by the fact not 1 hot take has mentioned her!

I see all your takes about Harper and I agree and am with you, but also I am very sad and tired about Jane.

We just had to pause Happiest Season so that Nicky could finish making her point uninterrupted because every time Kristen Stewart comes on screen we all lose our shit thirsting

Krish and Nicky just did the exact same weird high pitched laugh, I think they're morphing into one person

#NewProfilePic as my eyes have deteriorated to the extent that I am now a full time glasses wearer

Okay but the princess switch is an absolutely delightful movie, can't wait for them to continue to add one (1) vanessa hudgen each year

Krish: would you like a cup of tea
Me: yes
Nicky, 2 seconds later: or would you like a COFFEE COCKTAIL

Random thought for authors who've released books in 2020: it must have been so odd & different, but how AMAZING to have brought sth positive into the world this year, to have brought joy/distraction/entertainment/education, to have definitively proved the power of BOOKS 📚 💖💘❤

My two main takeaways from the Folklore Long Pond studio session are that I am incredibly endeared by Aaron Dessner and also that I preferred the acoustic version of nearly every single song

It’s Lucy’s birthday today so we surprised her and turned the living room into a PUB, with actual kegs, with personalised tankards, with personalised coasters, with a menu, with my fave people, what a wonderful day for my best lad, my captain, my bestpal 🍻

@krishithink @lucyirvine93 okay but why is this THE CUTEST THING IVE EVER SEEN


Krish and Nicky are the BEST people and I love them

we began lucy's bday appropriately (by all crying about ianto jones)